Dr. Cut Nurul Hafifah

Pediatrician at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital

Involved in pediatric nutrition care for inpatient ward and outpatient clinic. Involved in diagnosis and management of inborn errors of metabolism and genetic diseases in a tertiary/university hospital. Work closely with laboratory physician in developing diagnostic methods for inborn errors of metabolism. Currently enrolled in Fellowship Program of Pediatric Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases in University of Indonesia (since mid 2017)

Previous experience:
Perinatology Unit, Hannover Medical School (August 2009)
1-Month Observership in Perinatology Unit
Nutrition And Metabolic Disease Working Group – Intern (September 2009 – April 2010)
6-Month internship with Indonesia Pediatric Society Nutrition And Metabolic Disease Working Group.
General Practitioner in Sorong and Timika, Papua (April 2010 – April 2011)
Provided medical support and volunteer work for local community in isolated area where no doctors are available. Training in malaria diagnosis in malaria research center in Timika

Educational background:
2003 – 2007 Bachelor of Medicine Universitas Indonesia
2007 – 2009 Medical Doctor Universitas Indonesia
2011 – 2015 Pediatrician Universitas Indonesia
2017 – now Fellowship in Pediatric Nutrition and Inherited Metabolic Diseases

Academic Achievements
2003: Commendation: “Highest Academic Achievement”
2004: Commendation: “Highest Academic Achievement”
2005: Commendation: “Highest Academic Achievement”
2007: Graduated Cum Laude

Inspirational motto or quote:
Do your best, let God do the rest

Aspirations after completing the Health-I program:
Research is a powerful tool in my field of pediatric, nutrition, and also metabolic diseases to answer and overcome problems that I encounter. After completing the Health-I program, I aspire to be a researcher who understand best evidence in medicine and translate the result of research into daily practice.

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