Dr. Dara R. Pabittei

Postdoc and Project Developer at the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam

Obtained her MD from Gadjah Mada University Faculty of Medicine in 2006. Following her graduation, she departed to the Netherlands to conduct her PhD at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam (AMC) department of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Vascular surgery. In 2013 she defended her thesis, entitled “ Optimization of in vitro laser-assisted vascular anastomosis”.
During her PhD, together with Prof. dr. mr. dr. Bas. A.J.M de Mol, Dara started a collaboration project between the AMC Center and Hasanuddin University Faculty of Medicine, in the field of cardiovascular care and research. The collaboration project resulted in a telemedicine project between the AMC Heart Center and Makassar Cardiac Center, 4 PhD students form Makassar conducting their PhD at the AMC Heart Center, and a congenital heart disease project. In 2009 Dara obtained a tenure position at the Hasanuddin. Currently Dara is postdoc and project developer at the AMC department of Cardiothoracic surgery. Her fields of research include: translational, biomedical engineering, photo-medicine, cardiovascular surgery, telemedicine, cardiovascular epidemiology, and cardiovascular pathology.

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