dr. Gina Anindyajati from Unviersitas Indonesia shares her thoughts on the Health-I project

As a principal investigator, Dr. Anindyajati led a study to measure the psychological effects of COVID-19 infection in the community, with a focus on the biopsychosocial changes that occur.

Dr. Anindyajati reflects the feelings of her fellow Health-I participants in saying that part of what made Health-I important was a better understanding of clinical epidemiology, she adds that it has the potential to improve the service given in a problem-specific and evidence-based manner. In the same vein, to her, Health-I’s impact lay in the clinical epidemiology framework it built for clinicians to use to develop quality improvement programs utilising data from clinical practice. She adds that Health-I also had an impact in bringing attention to the importance of good data collection in daily practice.

Did Health-I have a personal impact?

On a personal level, Dr. Anindyajati benefitted from Health-I by making the most of the opportunity, learning from experts and implementing science in her daily practice.

What was your biggest challenge?

Dr. Anindyajati agreed that the biggest challenge during the length of Health-I was time management, as well as unfamiliar statistical terminologies. In turn, she shared that her way of overcoming this challenge was allocating specific hours to follow the program, watching the lecture videos multiple times and looking for additional resources to simpler language to help with the comprehension of complex material.

What was your favourite Health-I memory?

The consultation in manuscript writing. A lot was also learned by practicing the theoretical knowledge and being able to discuss with experts.

For the future, Dr. Anindyajati plans to pursue a higher level of education, combining the psychiatric field with clinical epidemiology, perhaps in relation to maternal or women’s maternal health. She also hopes to create a database from daily clinical practice and conduct analysis to ultimately improve outpatient service.

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