Dr. Holger Kunz

Module Lead for the Machine Learning component of UCL’s MSc in Data Science for Research, Health and Biomedicine

Dr Kunz is an experienced educator with a strong background in health informatics and a research interest in data science and machine learning. He is the module lead for the machine learning component of UCL’s MSc in Data Science for research, health and biomedicine and has delivered successful short courses on the topic for the last two years.


Key publications:

Rasmussen, K., Belisario, J. M., Wark, P. A., et al. (2014). Offline eLearning for undergraduates in health professions: A systematic review of the impact on knowledge, skills, attitudes and satisfaction. Journal of Global Health, 4 (1).
Kunz, H., & Schaaf, T. (2011). General and specific formalization approach for a Balanced Scorecard: An expert system with application in health care. Expert Systems with Applications, 38 (3), 1947-1955.
Kunz, H. (2007). Conference: Managing Values in Health Care with a Balanced Scorecard, European Health Management Association, Lyon, France, 2007.

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