Dr. Indah S. Widyahening

Research Coordinator of the Community Medicine Department

Indah Suci Widyahening obtained her medical doctor (MD) degree and her MSc in Occupational Health and Safety from the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia. Shortly after that, she was granted a scholarship from the Asian Development Bank to obtain an MSc in the Clinical Medicine – Family Medicine from the College of Medicine University of the Philippines in Manila. Under the Asialink Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence based Medicine collaboration, she was given the opportunity to participated in the workshops on Teaching Evidence Based Practice in Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, first as a participant and then a facilitator. She was also appointed as the Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence based Medicine (CEEBM) module coordinator in FKUI since 2009. She obtained her PhD in Clinical Epidemiology from Utrecht University in 2016, the title of her dissertation is “Evidence-based diabetes care in Indonesia – knowledge translation and transfer of best practice”.
Currently, she is the research coordinator of the Community Medicine Department of the FKUI. On the national level, she is a member of the National Board for the Enhancement of the Primary Care Physicians Education in Indonesia whose main task is to prepare a nation-wide post-graduate education on primary care and the secretary of the National Colleagues of the Primary Care Physicians. She is also a member of the National Experts Committee on the Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Indonesia.
She also has keen interest on diabetes research. She managed several nation-wide projects on diabetes in collaboration with the Indonesian Society of Endocrinology, the Indonesian Diabetes Association, the Indonesian Pediatric Society, the Ministry of Health and the World Diabetes Foundation

Areas of expertise:
Family medicine, evidence based teaching.


Key publications:

-Widyahening IS, Wangge G, van der Graaf Y, van der Heijden GJ. Adapting
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10.1186/s12930-014-0016-x. PubMed PMID: 25598700; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4296548.
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publications by Indonesian researchers: a literature survey. J Evid Based Med
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