Prof. Dr. Irawan Yusuf

Professor in Molecular Biology

Finished his PhD in 1992 from Hiroshima University School of Medicine, Japan. He is a lecturer at department of Physiology since 1986. Besides being a Dean of Medical Faculty for two periods (2003-2013), he is also actively involved in various research and development activities, especially in the field of molecular biology.
He has been doing research on Cellular Electrophysiology of Cardiac Cell Membrane (1987-1992) and was a Senior Researcher at the Eijkman Institute, Jakarta (1995-2002). A large number of scientific articles, books, papers, and research related to the field of molecular biology and genetics has been written by Prof. Yusuf.
He was the pioneer of the problem-based learning and integrated education system in FMUH as well as the International Class for Malaysian students, and of the establishment of Faculty of Psychology at Hasanuddin University. He has been awarded for “2013 Bakrie Award” for his achievement in the field of research.

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