Testimonial from dr. Eka Dian Safitri from the Faculty of Medicine at Universitas Inonesia

Dr. Eka Dian Safitri was a principal investigator at Health-I, and her research was a study to create a predictive model for sudden deafness patients. The model can be used to predict the probability of hearing threshold improvement in this patient group. The model should help the doctor give clearer information to a patient with sudden deafness about the progression of the disease.

Dr. Safitri shares that she learned a lot about clinical epidemiology and big data from Health-I, but also collected experiences in the alternative online learning method. She shares that these experiences have lent her new insights about learning itself. She affirms that the methodology applied for clinical epidemiology showed effective in increasing her knowledge and competence on the subject matter.

When asked about the impact of Health-I, dr. Safitri shared that its current and potential future impact might arise from the collaborative aspect of research and education achieved through Health-I,

The Health-I project will impact a good collaboration between all members of the consortium in European and Indonesian. The collaboration in education and research will help to improve the quality of in produce and implementation of clinical epidemiology and big data research in Indonesia.

— dr. Eka Dian Safitri

Agreeing with other participants, dr. Safitri shares that the biggest challenge remained time management, and her solution to this challenge also seemed to lie in collaboration. She cited that allocating time in a day for an activity was helpful, but so was discussing topics with friends and local teachers.

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